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Your mind deserves a break from a million and one thoughts. 

The Samsara Journeys

Samsara (in Sanskrit/Pali means “world”) is your invitation to wander through the five elements or energies that are found throughout the natural environment.  We would like to take you through the various phases in nature such as birth (wood), growth (fire), maturity (earth), harvest (metal) and retention (water).  We offer more than just an amazing destination but also a meaningful opportunity to be at home with yourself. When you create a new space in your mind by entering into a different environment, you start to feel different.

Symbol Sam Sara
Wood Element

Wood Element Retreat

Wood is related to flexibility, kindness, and healing. It represents growth and progress. You might need to bring in more wood energy if you want to create more growth or a new beginning in some area of your life. 

Fire Element Retreat

Fire represents fame, inspiration, and our visibility. It’s also related to our passion and emotional expression. Keeping your emotions inside and swallowing your feelings may be signs that you need more fire energy.

Fire Element
Earth Element

Earth Element Retreat

Earth is related to overall well-being, self-nourishment, and boundaries. It is stable, grounding, and reliable. You may need more earth if you are feeling ungrounded or anxious, or if you want to focus on self-care or creating stronger boundaries. Adding more earth is also helpful if you want to work on being more caring and generous towards others.

Metal Element Retreat

Metal is related to beauty, joy, and efficiency. It is cold, rational, rigid, and unwavering. Metal is also connected to speech, and how we are able to speak up for ourselves and what is right. If you don’t have enough metal, you may have a hard time articulating your thoughts or finding your voice. 

Metal Retreat
Water Element Retreat

Water Element Retreat

Water is associated with wisdom, social life, and career. It is both deep and still, like the ocean, and dynamic and flowing, like a river. Water helps us make connections with others, and can also deepen our wisdom, insight, and intuition. You may want to add more water to your home if you want to increase your social connections, or enhance your intuition.

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