Philosophy Of The Silent Mind Journeys

The five elements are the primordial foundation of all things and all beings in the universe. And the human body with all its cellular organelles and miniscule particles is a full universe in itself.  The Five Element SamSara Journeys intends to take you back to your body, to encourage you to trek within and to allow you to celebrate your living universe with awareness and ease.  

This unique retreat aims to help you reach a balance in your physical, mental, and spiritual well-being.  We hope to reveal how nature interacts with your body and how the various elements impact our being in an organized way.  Our non-religious approach to spirituality during your stay will focus on how to improve a sacred connection with yourself, others, and the changing world.

Five Elements

What We Believe

We stand in awe and admiration for the beauty and wealth of our mother earth.  
Our work is dedicated to help understand the natural framework of the intuitive world through the five elements.  Our driving force is love – it is the opening of the heart, it is an act of faith,  and it is believing in all possibilities. This belief calls for courage to take a risk and for willingness to accept life as it unfolds.  We envision making our journey your own personal journey also.

Health is oftentimes explained as a state of perfect equilibrium. But this can only linger as long as there is a flawless rhythm and an infallible harmony in the entire body.  We believe that there exists a natural self-regulation among the elements and that they are in a constant flow to nourish, support, and nurture one another in order to maintain optimal homeostasis. We want to offer you an experience and a glimpse of this dynamic balance by taking a pause from your busy mind.

Our Founders

Silent Mind Journeys

Silent Mind Journeys was established by three passionate individuals whose unique life journeys into wellness intersected during the 2020 pandemic when fear and despair were inflicting people around the world. They felt the need to inspire by teaching, to help by guiding the way to wellbeing, and to heal by offering solutions to every person’s problem. The one-on-one sessions were specially created to open a space where people can find their way to self discovery and self love. 

Karine Lackner

Reiki Master & PEMF Therapist Co-Founder Silent Mind Journeys

Karine Lackner was born and raised in Vienna by a single mother whose passion for the arts, yoga, and alternative medicine was so contagious and influential that she eventually traded a life of glitter and glamour to pursue an education in applied kinesiology, naturopathy, and orthomolecular medicine. Karine’s stellar journey started as a model at the age of 17, a bar owner in Ibiza at 22, a princess of Austrian nobility at 26, and a recording artist of two singles at 27.  But amidst all those popularity, Karine felt that there was more to add to her life which led her to venture into starting an interior design company in Monte Carlo and later on a luxury travel and lifestyle publication in the Middle East called Horizon & Beyond. Karine’s pursuit for happiness has turned full circle when she set in motion her passion for healthy lifestyle and her newfound interest in Pulsating Electromagnetic Field therapy (PEMF). Her main goal today is to help people correctly detoxify their body and mind and to get rid of any physical and mental pain or anxiety by combining PEMF with her knowledge as a Reiki Master.

Dr. Rex Gloria

Preventive & Longevity Medicine Co-Founder Silent Mind Journeys

Dr Rex Gloria dedicated most of his adult life in the practice of preventive medicine and this very passion to help others has taught him the most important lesson in his 18 years of being a doctor – which is “healers need healing too”.  Having been the well sought-after physician in the Philippines, Dr Rex recognized that money and fame are worth nothing if his personal life is riddled with stress, anxiety, and anger.  He closed his medical practice at the height of his career, packed his bags, and chose a life of a recluse in the northern part of Thailand where he found solitude to discover himself and to practice self-care. It was during his two-years of sabbatical from work that he was able to calm his nervous system through meditation and embrace a happier disposition by taking care of his gut.

Dr Rex Gloria

Ali Young

Sound Healer & Reiki Master Co-Founder Silent Mind Journeys

Ali Young was born in London, England to a well-respected working class family. But in spite of being provided with a good education and living environment, Ali felt a strong yearning to discover his true self and so he left England to travel the world at 17.

He searched far and wide and his journey took him to hitchhike around Australia, to live in the Malaysian jungle with the Orang Asli tribes, and to finally settle in Thailand in 1999. The Thai Kingdom introduced Ali to the local culture and so he commenced to dive deeper into his interiority through various meditation practices and Buddhist traditions. It was in 2011, during a trip to Bali, that Ali had his first experience hearing Tibetan metal bowls being played in a yoga event. He fell in love with the sounds and vibrations that paved the way for him to learn from various masters in different traditions such as the Nepalese, Western and Indian styles making him equally versed with both playing the Tibetan metal and the quartz crystal bowls. He then opened a wellness studio in Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand in 2018 which he named Chiang Mai Holistic to help a specific community of people who are suffering from addictive behavior and mental health. To date, Ali has taught more than 900 students from all over the world and his healing talent has rippled out from one community of seeking individuals to another.

Our Teachers

Silent Mind Journeys

Dr. Ridvan

Wellness Master Trainer and Human Movement Specialist


Tim Stoneman

Energy Healer, Hypnotherapist, Soul & Past Life Regression


Tammy Hayano

Yoga/JourneyDance/Tension Release Exercises (TRE)

Zoe Nash

Zoe Nash

Medical Qi Gong


May St. Onge’s

Hypnotherapist/Mindset & Personal Performance Coach 

Jade Wood

Jade Wood

Somatic Therapist/Biodynamic Craniosacral 

Khru Bank

Khru Bank

Breathwork/Yoga/Holistic Energy Healing

Ira Ganas

Ira Ganas

Face Yoga/CranioSacral/Jin Shin Jyutsu

Nim Young

Nim Young

Hatha Yoga/Power Yoga/Sound Healing/ Meditation


Shiva Nand

Hatha Yoga/Yin Yoga/Qi Gong/ Multiple Meditation Techniques


Neil Burgess

International Akashic Records Channeler/Medium

Ani Pema

Ani Pema

Ordained as a Buddhist Bhikunni in Bhutan and Taiwan

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